BONES NEVER LIE, by Kathy Reichs

17/series, to be released September 12, 2014. Tempe Brennan's asked to work a cold case, a missing teen aged girl in Vermont that is linked to several cases in North Carolina and Canada. The case started a decade before, in Montreal, where Brennan and her former lover, detective Andrew Ryan, tracked down Anique Pomerleau, who kidnapped young girls and held them prisoner in a basement until they died. Pomerleau had escaped, and vanished. And now, as confirmed by DNA evidence, she's surfaced. Click below for more no-spoiler review...
Ryan's daughter OD'd, and he vanished as well, but Brennan knows where and goes to Costa Rica to bring him back to find the one killer they never could apprehend. But this time it's very personal, Pomereau is operating in North Carolina, in Brennan's back yard. She follows the faint clues; her adversary is skillful and ruthless. It's a 5, another tense, intricate, pulse-pounding chase that culminates in a stay-up-late finish.
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