The Jax and Gia two-book series will sweep you off your feet and flat onto your back. What a sexy, smokin' ride!  Gianna Rossi comes from a restauranting family, her three super-sexy, totally macho brothers watch out for her. But Gianna's got her own agenda, and independence is one of them. She graduates from hospitality school and goes to work for New York superstar Lei Yeung whose company develops high-profile chefs and their restaurants. Locked in a battle with Lei's old love and once-time business partner, Gianna's blindsided when her former lover, Jackson Rutledge, appears as part of a business deal. Gianna's over the molto macho Jax, right? Sooo wrong. It's zero to overload for her heart rate, but wealthy Jax is playing it close to his investment banker's vest. Gia's older and wiser, but is she able to play in Jax's league? Sizzling sex, sharp-witted characters, high-wire tension, and a believable plot put this sexy treat onto any romance lover's must-read list. It's a 4.5
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