THE RED POLE OF MACAU, by Ian Hamilton

4/series. Ava Lee's in over her head again! This time her half-brother Michael and his partner have unwisely invested in a Macao construction project which never gets off the ground. Pressed for additional money to keep the project afloat, Michael Lee and his overbearing partner Simon To, have left it to Ava to discover their Macao partners are a pair of hardened ex-triad criminals who have run this scam repeatedly. In the good old days, triad discipline would keep these two under control, but the old days are gone, much lamented by Uncle, Ava's elderly business partner. After an initial meeting with the duo, in which Ava breaks the arm of the enforcer (in triad terms, the Red Pole), thing inevitably go from bad to cosmically awful.
A matter of face and family honor - it's their father's bank that's guaranteed Michael's loans, which means the entire family, all three wives and the kids, will be deeply affected - and Ava must figure out a way to get the money back without starting a war with the two thugs. As always you'll get no spoilers from Intense, non-stop plotting and action, this is the most satisfying book yet for adrenaline junkies. It's a 4, and i can hardly wait for the next one.
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