THE DIRTY DUCK, by Martha Grimes

4/series. Boy, can Martha Grimes write! The plotting, setting, action and characterizations are superb, but it's the humor that sets this series apart. Read them and chuckle! Her main characters are both proper and irreverent (don't know how she does it); Richard Jury of Scotland Yard, and his iconoclastic pal Melrose Plant, are the perfect sleuthing duo. In this tale, a series of grisly razor murders strike American women in a tour group, first in Stratford-on-Avon, and then in London. Snippets of poetry with each body hint that there will be more deaths to come.But what is the link between them?
Beset by scathing comments from his supervisor, Racer, Jury must sift through the centuries to a Shakespeare contemporary to find the right path. For the intelligent reader who loves sly plots and equally sly humor, this fabulous series can't be beat. And let's not forget the love stories that skip around the edges. Too perfect! Do yourself a big favor and read all these legendary tales; best read in order, but they will stand alone. A 5.
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