2/series; translated from the Norwegian. Amazing titles; first in this series was The Bat (or maybe The Leopard; titles change from country to country). Hard-hitting police procedurals from Norway's best-selling author. Gritty, cut-to-the-bone action, no punches pulled for police detective Harry Hole, semi-disgraced with some really awful personal tics, but a totally brilliant officer with a jones for self-destruction. To say he doesn't play well with others is ludicrously mild. Sent to Bangkok to investigate the murder of the Norwegian ambassador, Hole works with an American head detective and her team, in spite of endless interference from political suits in both countries. Nothing like a CYA politician for insanely wrong motives and actions, isn't there? Click for more...
As Hole pursues the killer, the body count mounts; including his own if he's not careful. Being handcuffed to the drain at the bottom of his hotel's swimming pool brings home to Hole just how dangerous Bangkok can be. It's a 5; plenty of violence, no corners cut, tension and action, plus plenty of internal dialogue as well. Makes Stieg Larsen look very very tame. Stellar!