1/series, a Demonica Novel. Brace yourself for a wild paranormal romance ride in a New York that's fairly normal up top and seething with demons underneath. Demon hunter Tayla Mancuso wakes in a hospital ward with the hottest doctor she's ever laid eyes on at her side. The sexy physician, Eidolon, proves to be a demon, one of the many she's trained to hunt and kill. The hospital is staffed by and for demons, and Tayla will be lucky if she leaves there alive. Eidolon, a Harvard graduate, is nearing his hundredth year (nine hundred or so to go), and faces a brutal change that will bring his most savage heritage to the fore; to avoid that, he must mate, and soon. Click for more...
And Tayla sparks in him sensual feelings that he's never had before, despite his copious experience bedding a variety of very willing demons. While Tayla and Eidolon fight against their searing mutual attraction, someone is capturing demons and harvesting body parts. Rumor is that Tayla's employers are involved. Outraged, she sets out to prove it isn't true. Plenty of attraction and sex, action and violence. The sex is a 3+; the story is a 4. This NYTimes best-selling author is known for this type of action-packed novel, so give any of her books a try. It's a 3.5.