FIDEL'S LAST DAYS, by Roland Merullo

Amazing what you can find when you spend some time browsing in your local library stacks. The good writers you never have heard of, the crazy titles that make you laugh, the astonishing bodies of work some authors have built up year by year. Fidel's Last Days is an intricate, subtle, at times horribly chilling book about a plot to kill Fidel Castro. Carolina Perez, once a CIA agent and now employed in a similar capacity by a clandestine group called the White Orchid, has spent five years deep under cover, all this time working toward a single goal: the death of Cuba's aging, paranoid dictator and the release of the island nation from the grip of a failed revolution and the men who keep an iron fist on the suffering population. Click for more...
One of these men is the head of security, the monster Olochon. Another is Castro's Minister of Health and personal physician, Carlos Gutierrez, an idealist once devoted to the revolution, who is pulled into the plot. But what, exactly is the plot, and who is driving it? Who has played the long game of building up, piece by deceitful piece, the intricate, layer-upon-layer plan to assure these are Fidel's last days? And who will, or has, betrayed it? The endless layers of deceit and subterfuge are mesmerizing. With a varied cast of beautifully-drawn characters from well-meaning and noble, to deranged and depraved, you'll find yourself reading at three in the morning just to find out what happens next. This is a 4, packed with tension. Find 500+ book reviews with no spoilers at !