FAIR WARNING, by Robert Olen Butler

If I lived to be a thousand, I would never be able to learn to write like Robert Olen Butler. I'm working my way through all his books, and this one is yet another grab-you-and-won't-let-go. Elegant, sexy, fast-paced. Amy Dickerson, hot shot New York City auctioneer, began her career at age six by auctioning her younger sister Missy when the kid was only three years old. The new owner couldn't collect, and Amy ate her spaghetti alone in her bedroom. Now living large as the undisputed star of her Big Apple auction house - facing her fortieth birthday - Amy still has Missy issues. But other issues are on her plate as well, notably her lack of a love life. Click for more...
Although the book is not a romance story by any stretch, it is a relationship story. Relationships within the family: hers was, as the old saying goes, unhappy in its own unique way. Relationships between collectors and their collections, between men and women, between employers and employees, between sexually-attracted people in a stopped, between-floors elevator. As always, Butler's stories take unexpected turns. If you are not reading this author, you are missing a treat. Give this to someone for a birthday present; they'll remember you fondly for a long, long time. A 5.