COME TO GRIEF, by Dick Francis

3/series starring Sid Hally. The late, great, much-lamented Dick Francis was - among other things - jockey for Queen Elizabeth. But his award-winning mysteries, all involving the horse racing world, made him more than just famous in England. Always a mix of authentic racing scenery and people, the acclaimed novels also have an enduring human touch that makes this excellent reads for just about anyone who will read a mystery. Not only well-written but filed with completely human characters, from the noble to the completely ignoble. Which brings us to the villain in this piece, an ex-jockey who succumbs to his darkest and most perverted dreams. Click for more...
Halley, a risk-taker with a very high pain threshold (had to be; he was a steeplechase jockey, where pain and the risk of death or maiming was ever-present) is called to investigate the maiming of ponies. Halley quickly becomes convinced that one of England's most popular sports figures could be responsible, and knows he'll start a firestorm when he makes the accusation. But the evidence mounts and he's driven to act. But so are other people. No spoilers, jsut go ahead and read them all! It's a 4.