BROOKLYN, by Colm Toibin

There are books that hit you over the head, that grab you and won't let go; action, confrontation, deadlines, endless tension. Then there are books that sneak up on you, entice and whisper, planting their hooks deeply before you realize it. Brooklyn is one of the latter. Eilin Lacey, a young Irish girl living in the impoverished wreckage of her post World War Two country, is sent to America. Sponsored by the local priest, she arrives in Brooklyn, which seems to be populated largely by immigrants. Irish, Italian, Jewish. In Ireland, Eilin was studying to be a bookkeeper; in Brooklyn...Click for more...
she's a shopgirl, selling lingerie in a large Italian-owned department store on Fulton Street. She lives in a strictly-run Irish boarding house. And she meets a young man at a dance: Tony, Italian, warm-hearted. Why is love always so complicated? Probably because it's so important. Quietly, step by step, this book will entice you, and you may finish it in one sitting, because it won't let you go. It's a 5, winner of the Costa Book Award (formerly the Whitbread).
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