WICKED INTENTIONS, by Elizabeth Hoyt

Romances, by their very nature, promise the HEA: Happily Ever After. This is one of those authors who keep the reader on the edge of their seat while delivering those sexy goods. Will she? Won't he? Will they? Do-gooding widow Temperance Dews works endless hours in the unsavory area of St. Giles in her family's orphanage.
In the mid-1700's, St. Giles was notorious for gin shops, bordellos, and some of the worst poverty and violence in the city. Lazarus Huntington, Lord Caire, wants access to St. Giles; he offers Temperance employment. She refuses, and makes a counter proposal. Caire, intrigued by Mrs. Dews virtuous appearance, has plans beyond the immediate bargain they strike. But the dissolute lord, widely known as a man with unorthodox sexual tastes, does not know what secrets are being hidden by his pretty guide. With plausible motives, authentic details, and a plethora of steamy not-your-usual-technique sex scenes, you'll enjoy this historical romance, one of many by this New York Times best-selling author.
It's a 4; sex is a 4 as well. More book reviews can be found at www.nuts4books.com