THE NINTH DAY, by Jamie Freveletti

4/series. Another fast-paced, edge-of-the-seat, totally gruelling story starring Iron Woman and biochemist Emma Caldridge. While searching for rare night-blooming plants in the Arizona dessert, mega-runner Emma runs afoul of coyotes, human traffickers, and can't outrun them. She winds up in the clutches of a drug cartel leader (this is not exactly a spoiler, which you know I absolutely would never inflict upon you) whose endless fields of pot seem to be under attack by a mysterious virus. The virus, whatever its source, seems also to be infecting the field workers who actually harvest the pot. The drug lord, whose typical reaction to bad news is to torture the messenger, demands that Emma find out what's causing the problems. Click for more...
With the help of Oz, an MIT dropout-turned-hopeful-mule, Emma tries to investigate the source of the problem. Soon, it become clear that they're running out of time, not only from the drug leader but the virus itself. As always, Freveletti's intense style will leave you gasping for breath (even when Emma's not running). A 4.