2/series. Ava Lee could well be your next take-no-prisoners heroine. The Toronto-based professional auditor works for "Uncle", an ancient Hong Kong-based businessman with connections to the world's movers and shakers. And that's a very good thing, as Ava must go head to head with some very influential characters, few of whom have much interest beyond their own concerns. This novel begins with the theft of sixty million dollars from a Vancouver businessman whose company is controlled from Manilla. But things are not as they at first seem, Click for more...
and Ava soon is jetting off to Guatemala, then other points including Vancouver and Las Vegas, where she finds the original villains. But not the ones who can solve the case. Sharp dialogue and equally sharp action mark these tidy, logical, no-nonsense thrillers. Ava Lee is the new kid on the block and you'll love her. A 4. The books are apparently going to be made into a series of movies as well; the Ava Lee "brand" may be coming to a movie house near you.