2/series. Another volume of the charming Jane Austen mystery spin-off; even the original author might enjoy these true-to-their-origin puzzles. Once again Mr. and Mrs. Darcy are faced with an unusual mystery when they bring Kitty, Elizabeth’s remaining unmarried sister, to London for the Season. Kitty makes a conquest in Mr. Dashwood, distant relative to the notorious, long-dead founder of the Hellfire Club, whose portrait still hangs in their ancestral home. Then Kitty’s charming would-be husband has a bizarre change of personality so sinister as to be unbelievable. But author Bebris will make you believe, with a spine-chilling scene that will keep you enthralled. A fun-filled, gently-written series; you don't have to be an Austin fan to enjoy these. This is a 4.5, and a series that could give you (at the rate I read, anyway) a long summer's weekend of pleasure. Read more reviews at;