ONCE UPON A LIE, by Maggie Barbieri

1/series. You may have been faced with this dilemma: What would you do if you had a chance to avenge evil done many years ago? Evil done to others? Evil done to yourself? Maeve Conlon, divorced mother of two teenaged girls, owner of a just-making-it cupcake shop, daughter of an ex-cop with early Alzheimer's, takes her father to the wake of her cousin. Maggie and Sean Donovan have a lot of history, much of it not pretty. Domineering and cruel, Sean had been found in his car, pants around his knees, a bullet in his head. When suspicion falls on her father, Jack, Maggie enlists the help of her lawyer ex-husband.
Full of human-scale characters, peppered with moments of why humor, the story build to several unexpected climaxes. Maeve may be a heroine you'll like. A 4. Could be a thought-provoking book club read, despite a couple of minor motivational flaws.