HOTSHOT, by Julie Garwood

When Peyton Lockhart and her two sisters are given a luxury Florida resort to manage for one year, their goal is to show their Uncle Len (the donor) they can turn a profit. If they do it, beautiful Bishop's Cove is theirs. Peyton, a French-trained chef, had just quit her job as restaurant critic for the world's sleaziest boss (sexual harassment a specialty) and was ready to call the shots in her own life. On her way out of the Minnesota town where the sleazoid rules, she's tailgated and rammed. Enter Finn MacBain, whose life reads like a modern version of a Horatio Alger novel. Click for more...
He once rescued Peyton when she fell (at six years old) into a pool. Now, Finn is among other things an Olympic champion and an FBI Agent. Don't ask. Just go with it. As the situation escalates, Finn is determined to once again keep Peyton safe. No spoilers here, just get the book and dive in. That's a pun, folks. It's a 3, a fun Florida/FBI/foodie fantasy. The sex is a 2.5.