BEAUTIFUL LIES, by Emilie Richards

A multi-family, multi-generational, multi-crime, multi-revenge, trans-oceanic roller coaster sure to please devotees of high-emotion, wide-screen writing. Well, that says it all, doesn't it? Sometimes writing book reviews is a blast.
It all starts with the 19th century pearl fishers in western Australia, and what one American man will do to gain possession of "The Pearl of Great Price". His greed spawns a generational rivalry that poisons two families. Richards nails the privations and dangers of the profession; she's clearly spent a lot of time in Australia and has delved into the national psyche...Click for more...
and she's turned it into a really mesmerizing read that straddles not only time and culture but the Pacific from San Francisco to the Outback to a little pearling town on the edge of the Indian Ocean. As well, she's managed to delve into a great varieties of personalities and pulled them all off. This is a delicious weekend in a hammock kind of a read. A 4.