WILDEST HEARTS, by Jayne Anne Krentz

Issued in the 90's, this book manages to stay topical. After all, romance never goes out of style. Particularly romance between a desperate young woman and an enigmatic over-achiever, "the richest man in the Pacific Northwest": Oliver Rain. Why is Annie Lyncroft desperate? Her brother, Danny, has vanished after his plane crashed in the islands north of Seattle. Danny, a genius, owns a cutting-edge electronics company with a soon-to-be-released innovation that will turns the electronics world upside-down. But creditors, knowing Danny is the company, don't want Annie at the helm. What's a girl to do? Of course: propose marriage to the one man that could save the company. The perfect weekend read, a delicious combination of tension, glamor, sex and danger. It's a 4. This may be a bit less formulaic than some of her other books. Check other books by this ultra-prolific author at www.nuts4books.com where you get no spoilers.