MORTAL BONDS, by Michael Sears

Following up on his debut novel  Black Fridays, Sears has proved with this new release that he's not a one-book wonder. This one, again starring Jason Stafford, takes us deeper into the world of
financial arcana, and is equally as tense and captivating as the first. Even better, the harrowing life of the parent of an autistic son - AKA The Kid - is woven through the novel with seamless attention to emotion and detail. The story centers around the legacy of the late William von Becker, who ran one of the largest private banking firms in the country, giving investors returns on their money that should have sent warning signals to even the greediest. When the Ponzi scheme blew up, von Becker went to jail.
His surviving family, led by an imperious, vodka-swilling matriarch, hire Jason to find a missing two billion dollars. As Stafford begins the search, his ex-wife, the magnificently beautiful Angie, comes into town with clear designs on reclaiming her son. And then there's the representative of a drug cartel. . . It's a fabulous 5.