KISS OF STEEL, by Bec McMaster

Wow! What a delightful surprise! I picked up this book, thinking I'd probably not get through the first chapter, and found myself actually reading it in almost one go. The set-up is outstanding; I was hooked in five pages. The story is compelling, the heroine is properly feisty and conflicted and loyal, the hero is NOT properly a hero (and I'll tell you no more so as to avoid the dreaded spoiler), the villains are really good villains, and the world created is unusual and very well done. London, late 1800's (?), a young woman, Honoria, has been cast from comfort into penury after her father's murder. She and her two siblings are forced to take refuge in the city's notorious rookeries. Predictable, right? Innocent heroine down on her luck, etc etc.? Not. This one's got two younger siblings, one of whom is gravely ill. The heroine comes to the attention of the master of Whitechapel. Really, I don't want to spoil your adventure. Read it. It's a 5. In the interest of full disclosure, this is a London steampunk romance. Don't let that put you off. The writing is outstanding, the story will grab you and not let go. Happily, it's the first of a series.