BLOOD SINISTER, by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

8/series. The prolific author of a multitude of historical novels has switched to contemporary police procedurals and she has nailed it. If you're nuts about British crime series - think Martha Grimes or Michael Robotham - add this one to your list. Full of wisecracks and Cockney slang, it is also a solidly-presented murder mystery with a fabulous array of quirky but not over-the-top characters. Detective Inspector Bill Slider and his team must investigate the murder of a very liberal reporter, found strangled in her apartment. From the start, witnesses and "persons of interest" have an infuriating habit of telling creative truths and outright lies. Slider and his team sift through the evidence while Slider's boss, the malaprop champion of the planet, watch his back to prevent attacks from the vested interests of influential politicians. No spoilers. Read, and enjoy. It's a 4.