THE NIGHT RANGER, by Alex Berenson

8/series. Talk about last-minute, white-knuckle drama! Berenson's got it coming from all directions, from African warlords to the White House!
Four volunteer aid workers in a Somali refugee camp, college kids, are kidnapped as they travel in Kenya. The Kenyan police, corrupt and inefficient, are unable to find them. CIA Iron Man John Wells' estranged son is a friend of one of the girls. When he asks Wells if he would find them, and he of course agrees at once. Anything to help him find a way into a relationship with his son. Once in Africa, Wells must connive his way to the Somali refugee camp and elude Kenya's finest, and then discovers that the hostages have vanished. As with all Berenson's novels, this one is frighteningly tense, with Wells' contact at the CIA desperately fighting off the amoral posturings of their boss while Wells plays brinksmanship with Somali fighters who have nothing to lose. Few writers can match this superb author for such compelling, edge-of-seat action.A 5. Read them in order if you're new to this stellar series.