2/series. The romances about the Malloren men (and their unusual women) chronicles the problems and loves of Georgian England, when gaming hells and brothels were where men spent their leisure time. And most of the upper-class men had nothing but leisure. Enter a penniless, argumentative Spinster, Portia St. Clair, whose feckless half-brother Oliver is head of the family. In those ghastly days, men with any vice, no matter how ruinous, could lead their families into complete penury and the women involved were powerless to affect change. Of course Oliver's a terrible gamester, of course he loses everything. And he places Portia in the position of having to rescue him. Spoilers? Not here! A rollercoaster of a ride, complete with near-seduction, near-madness, near-death, and a very feisty heroine. A 4. You'll get hooked on the entire series!