TAKEDOWN TWENTY, by Janet Evanovich

20 (duh)/series. Stephanie Plum, goddess of wrecked cars (to say nothing of wrecked libidos) returns, this time trying to locate a mob boss, Salvatore "Uncle Sunny" Sunnuchi, who's gone on the lam. Beloved of folks in The Burg, the mobster has vanished. Problem piles upon problem (Uncle Sunny is really love-interest Joe  Morelli's godfather...really) (Grandma Mazur, world's oldest nymphomaniac-wannabe, gets involved) (then there's a giraffe named Kevin) (will the near-slapstick never stop??). Donuts and pizza and Cluck in a Bucket fly by. Cars are destroyed. Teases, sexual encounters, and near-misses - Ranger? Morelli? - happen. And still that damn giraffe. Business as usual for this wacky, incredibly popular series. It's a 4. Best to read these in order, it's more fun that way. Despite a sag back around #16, Evanovich has managed to (mostly) imbue something new and surprising in most of these romps.