A pleasure to review this new, but highly accomplished, author. Locke has plenty of writing chops, having worked in Hollywood for many years, which explains in part the flawless plotting, the very deftly-drawn characters, and spot-on dialogue. The good guy, Houston-based black lawyer Jay Porter, has a not-what-I-expected life coming unglued before his eyes. click for more...
Jay's past as a civil rights activist haunts him, as do people from that past. Things just aren't clicking for him as he takes his wife for an evening cruise on the bayou. Just in time to hear a violent encounter. The bad guys are the epitome of banal evil: everyday people who have lost their moral compass. Does that include Jay? I love how Locke ratchets up the tension until you literally cannot put this book down.  It's a really compelling, gritty, slice-of-life 5.