STREET SMART, by Tara Taylor Quinn

Contemporary suspense/romance set in Las Vegas, where Francseca Witting has gone to track down her little sister, run away two years previously. What Francesca, still recovering from her own tragedy, finds is not at all what she anticipated. Click here for more. . .

Curiously sterile in the violence and sex part except for many references to incest, forced sex, the sex trade, and similar subjects, this book could satisfy those with a hankering for romance with god and faith mixed in. I am not sure if this is a niche market or if the author simply can't write openly about these subjects, but I found the book oddly unaffecting even when it should be the most plausible and hard-hitting. I'll give this a 3; the religious-minded, or those who require taboo subjects to be handled off-stage, could give it a 4.