PIRATE KING, by Laurie R. King

11/Mary Russell series. Great fun! Further adventures of the incredicly intrepid Mary Russell and her husband, Sherlock Holmes, this time Mary going it (almost) alone as assistant to a movie crew in Lisbon and Salé, on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. The latter was home to the original Salé Rovers, fearsome 15th century pirates who led many captured Christians into slavery or worse. A few dark moments are relieved by King’s usual impeccable writing and plotting, as well as her ability to evoke an era and place in flawless style.  And, from personal experience, I know she has “walked the walk” in the narrow-laned Salé medina.
How King has made Mary Russell a believable spouse to the cerebral Sherlock Holmes is simply amazing. Flawless! Read these in order; don't deny yourself the pleasure of the entire series  A 5.