HOSTAGE, by Robert Crais

If you have not found your way to Robert Crais's suspense and crimje novels, you are missing one of reading's great treats. This guy creates tense, nibble-your-knuckles novels you won;t be able to put down. Jeff Talley, once an LAPD Hostage Negotiator, has burned out and gone to a less demanding job. Then three out-of-control young men hole up inside the home of an accountant, holding the man and his two children hostage…and Talley is plunged back into a world that once nearly destroyed him, and now could destroy both him and his family. Crais is adept at portraying psychos; the one in this book will have you checking the locks on your doors. Crais also does heroes, the reluctant kind, and Talley, a man who failed to talk down a man holding his own children hostage, a perfect foil for his antagonist. A 5, and a very tense read.