7/series. Lady Georgiana Rannoch, 35th in line for the throne, is on another romp, this one at a magnificent stately pile where the selfish, rude and ungracious lord of the manor has "not done his duty": married and produced at least one heir. Frankly, women are not his idea of a fun time.Click here for more on this delightful read. . .
To the dowager duchess, this is catastrophe (the end of the line), until she hears of a never-before-now noticed grandson on a sheep station in Australia's outback. Imagine a young, handsome, down-to-earth Crocodile Dundee in the drawing rooms of Between the Wars England! Now, that's real catastrophe. But Georgie is hired to give the knife-throwing cowboy some polish. As always, there are a cast of fascinating and unusual characters, a real murder, a real romance, and real peril for our plucky young Georgie. A 5, as always a marvelous read. This might be a long-running series, but the author has never fallen flat as some other series have.