THE NIGHT FERRY, by Michael Robotham

3/series. Contemporary suspense by a master. Detective Ali Barba, a young Sikh female detective, sets out to find why a childhood friend died in a suspicious auto accident. The friend, heavily pregnant, turns out to be wearing a very skilful prosthesis: she wasn't pregnant at all. Why the elaborate charade? Click for more...but no spoilers!
The trail leads from London to Amsterdam, where Barba must struggle through the wide-open sexual world and the web of illegal immigrants controlled by a ruthless kingpin. As the  body count rises, Barba's sometimes boyfriend "New Boy" Dave, reluctantly helps. As does retired detective Vincent Ruiz, old but not out of it yet. Once again, Robotham has produced an intricate, tough tale. You'd probably give this a 5, I give it a 4+. The plotting is superb.