TELL ME LIES, by Jennifer Crusie

Here's your Valentine's present! If you haven't found Jennifer Crusie, this is the best resent you could get! Another romantic lady-in-jeopardy romp by this accomplished author. Maddie Faraday, not exactly happily married, discovers solid (lacy) evidence her husband is cheating on her. Brent, big overbearing Brent, Maddie's high school sweetheart and father of their nine-year old daughter Em, was also distracted and edgy. Trouble enough. But then another high school sweetheart shows up and hormonal complications soar out of control...almost. And then Brent, who has an awful lot of cash hidden in his golf bag, vanishes. Sparkling dialogue, interesting introspection with a dash of spice. Everything Crusie writes is spicy, and can get distinctly hot at times. For a great modern romance, this is your author. A 4.