EYES RIGHT, by Tracy Crow

A memoir by a woman who rose to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer, no mean task in the late 70's when the Marines was a man's outfit, and women were routinely disrespected and harassed. Crow, with her life an uncontrollable mess, enlisted at the age of eighteen. Through discipline and obsessive determination, she rose through the ranks, becoming a publicity officer. Along the way, she married another Marine, bore a daughter, had miscarriages, worked so hard her marriage deteriorated, and had an affair with a high-ranking officer. The story, told with candor and no apology, is mesmerizing.  You may not approve of some of her choices, but you have to admire her for her dedication and hard work. Few Marine women today do not owe Tracy Crow a thank you for her trail-blazing and sacrifice. A 4.