RENDER UNTO CAESAR, by Gillian Bradshaw

Historical suspense doesn't get a whole lot better than this. Set in Imperial Rome, young Alexandrian businessman, Hermogenes, arrives in Rome to collect a debt he inherited from his uncle. The money, a considerable sum, is owed by a Roman general, one of the commanding victors of Actium which brought Egypt firmly into Rome's orbit. But the general sneers at Hermogenes' efforts, and attempts to kill him. click here for more...
Hermogenes decides to go to the general's other creditor, the rapacious Publius Vedius Pollio. Not understanding high-ranking Roman's manipulation or out flouting of the law, the Alexandrian has put himself right into the center of a hornet's nest. But how to escape while still satisfying his honor and collecting the money (now almost a moral obligation to his dead uncle)? want to know? Read the book! It's great, a 4.5, filled with marvelous detail.