QUEEN OF THE FLOWERS, by Kerry Greenwood

14/series. Once again, the one-of-a-kind Phryne Fisher investigates, this time a missing Flower Girl, one of her handmaids in the local Flower Festival. The girl, troubled and erratic, seems to have run away. Or has she been kidnapped? Enter the elephants, with their henna-haired owner, an old friend of Phryne's, and the rest of the circus, camped down on the beach near Phryne's St. Kilda home. Searching for the girl, Phyrne hears fiddle music, sweet and familiar enough to stop her in her tracks.An old flame hoves into view, and the plot, as always, gets even more interesting. If you've read any of these delightful mysteries, I know you're hooked. These can be read stand-alone, but you'll miss a lot of fun, so why not read in order? Another 5.