LOST, by Michael Robotham

2/series. Chief Inspector Vincent Ruiz is fished out of the chilly Thames River, near death and with a case of amnesia. As usual, he's at odds with his superiors, this time as he wants to re-open a closed, case with the weird, unlikeable perpetrator in prison. But Ruiz doesn't let up, he's convinced young Mickey Carlyle, who vanished three years earlier, is still alive. As bits of his memory float to the top with help from his psychologist friend Joe O'Loughlin, Ruiz retraces his steps during the days preceding his midnight swim. At once, he's sucked into the unforgiving world of one of London's top organized crime figures. Click for more...
Imagine, Ruiz's superior raves, if the man in prison is only a garden-variety pedophile. Imagine what the public will think of the police. And imagine yourself retired permanently. But Ruiz doesn't let it go, and the body count rises as he pursues one dark memory fragment after another. This novel has one of the best endings I've read in a long while. It's a 5+. When I grow up I want to plot as well as Robotham.