BURNT SIENNA, by David Morrell

Set in Mexico and France, this is a fast-moving combination of face-offs, mega-wealthy deranged arms dealers, artistic vision, and a romance that rarely goes smoothly.  Acclaimed artist Chase Malone, working at his Cozumel studio, is made an offer he shouldn't have refused. Retaliation is swift. When the bulldozers show up and his life is ripped apart, he takes steps to even the score. Up against a man who has no boundaries, hired to paint two portraits of the man's wife, Chase does the unthinkable: he falls in love with the wife. But Chase knows the wife, Sienna, a stunning former model, is scheduled for an "accident". Non-stop thrills, lots of very inventive problem-solving, and a really nasty bad guy. It's a 4. Morrell has dozens of books to his credit, so if you need an action fix, this could be your go-to author.