ALEXANDRIA, by Lindsey Davis

19/series. Marcus Didius Falco, a private "informer" often employed by Emperor Vespasian, is on vacation with his family, this time in Alexandria, Egypt, one of Rome's territories. The Head Librarian of the famed library is found dead in his locked office. It could be murder. Or not. Falco is roped into the investigation, those around him assuming he's Vespasian's spy. Click for more...
As always in Egypt, nothing is simple or as it appears, and the many possible suspects all seem to act guilty at one time or another. Then Falco's larcenous father arrives, his Alexandria-based uncle and the old man are wheeling and dealing in stolen library items. Falco now must not only solve a murder but keep his family safe from themselves. As always, this is a wonderful novel chock full of ancient Roman atmosphere, recreations of the past so real you'll think you can see them, the musings of Falco (from hilariously sarcastic to loving) and his obstreperous family, and a really good mystery. Another 5 from this prize-winning English author.