A PARTISAN'S DAUGHTER, by Louis deBernieres

The award-winning author of Corelli's Mandolin has changed pace in this little book, and given us the tale of Chris, a stifled Englishman incarcerated in a loveless, sexless marriage to a woman he refers to as the Great White Loaf. Mistaking Roza for a prostitute, he stops his car. She's at first repulsed, then decides to take advantage and hitches a ride home from him. Daring, cheeky behavior, right? But that's only the beginning.Click for more...
Chris, lonely and love-starved, is captivated by a Thousand and One Nights of a totally unexpected sort, where Roza spins tale after tale. Is she telling the truth? Does it matter? This book will keep you entranced as well. This is an independent author who writes stand-alone books (no series characters for him) that truly do stand out. It's a 4.