TRIP WIRE, by Lee Child

3/series. Jack Reacher is once again sucked into a perilous situation, this time whisked from Key West (and his job digging swimming pools) to the home an old mentor who lives on the Hudson River not far from West Point. The same two men who tried to rough him up in Key West appear at a funeral. Reacher handily disarms them and, with a woman who adored Reacher when she was just a skinny kid, goes on the run. As the thugs try to hunt him down, their boss - wealthy, violent, psychopathic - tries to keep his dangerous secret hidden. If I tell you any more you may as well not read the book. If you like heightened violence and a lot of it, this is the author for you. It's a 4. Very little sex, all of it discrete and gentlemanly (not even a 1).