It's about a dog named Millie. When she was a puppy, she and two litter mates were taken to Pet Pal, a no-kill shelter in St. Petersburg Florida. All three were adopted out. When Millie was a year old, her adoptive family brought her back, saying she was much bigger than they had expected. Right. Like they hadn't been informed that a Catahoula Lepoard hound mix would not stay the size of a Shi Tzu.
So Millie was returned to Pet Pal, which is apparently the only kindness these "owners" ever did for Millie. She is a beautiful ivory and fawn color, short haired, with legs like a greyhound. Imagining her in a crate is pretty hard, but it's a safe bet that's where she spent a lot of time. Today, Millie wants a new home, but she does not present well as she is horribly shy and does not like to go for long walks. She is accustomed to being restricted. She sits in the corner of her compartment, her back into the two walls, and doesn't move, even if you sweet-talk her.
Pet Pal is a great shelter for an active, outgoing dog. Millie is not active, not outgoing. She's going to require a bit of dedication and work. As a no-kill shelter, Millie could be here a long time. Who says there's no fate worse than death? Millie really, really needs a home.
You can go to and scroll through Adopt Dog, to the M's where you will see her. Think of a slightly hefty greyhound, but prettier. She's got a very calm demeanor, the staff says she's good with other dogs, but she has got to have a home that's willing to commit to bringing her back to life.
Any takers?