THE WRECKAGE, by Michael Robotham

Skillfully written, drawing two seemingly disparate story lines into one compelling whole. Starring retired London Serious Crimes cop Vincent Ruiz, bolstered by his psychologist friend Joe, hampered by Holly the pickpocket and a psychopath named The Courier, the author's finely-drawn characters are all stand-outs. In his closing remarks, the author writes that this novel is based on fact, but that all main characters are fictional. Australia-based, award-winning Robotham was an investigative journalist; he knows where the bodies are buried and where the money went. This novel deals with the money, click to read more...
principally American aid dollars that were almost sprayed from a fire hose into Iraq after Saddam Hussein fell. There was no control, and seemingly no concern about control of literally planeloads of cash. The time was perfect for the larcenous of mind, and the novel deals with an American-Iraqi journalist, an American auditor, and the international group of skilled conspirators that siphoned billions of dollars into their own accounts. As they follow the money trail, the body count piles up, and the mysterious killer called The Courier tracks a disparate group of victims. Often, people will say the tension rises exponentially as... But in this case, it really does. A thriller truly deserving of the term, with a stellar array of fascinating, compelling characters with their own stories to tell. A 5. One year later, I read this: still as good as ever.
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