THE BONES OF PARIS, by Laurie R. King

This delicious, compelling  return of Harris Stuyvesant takes place in Paris, France in 1926, where Amercan flappers come in droves to sample la vie de boheme. Among the artists and their hangers on, however, is a skilful murderer stalking pretty girls. The avant garde art world also wants to shock, and the Theatre du Grand-Guignol offers more than enough perversion - brutal, bloody, deliberately shocking. Click for more (but no spoilers)...
But what do the grisly scenes in the theater have to do with the disappearance of a lovely young Bostonian Stuyvesant had a brief encounter with on the Riviera? Contacted by her family, Stuyvesant searches for Pip Crosby, who vanished after modelling for noted photographer Man Ray. Is the celebrity the killer? Or is it any of a number of characters Stuyvesant sees every night in the bars and clubs? Then Stuyvesant finds the disappearance is one of many...and the suspect list keeps growing. As always, King's prose is perfect, her characters compelling, the action precisely calibrated to keep you guessing. And you have never seen Paris portrayed with more verve. Another 5.