OLEANDER GIRL, by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Satisfying on many levels: as a beautifully-written story, as the chronicle of an Indian girl's coming-of-age, as a social history, as a skilfully-woven tale of multiple love stories. If you love the intertwining of many threads, and a not-always-perfect heroine (actually, nobody's perfect in this story), this lyrically-written contemporary drama will keep you entranced. click here for more...
Young Korobi is brought up by her mother's parents after her mother dies in childbirth. Her grandfather is a stern, crusty autocrat, almost reclusive. The family, once highly-respected, lives quietly. Korobi meets Rajat, whose wealthy, high-profile family is at odds with her protected and indulged life. Then she discovers shocking, hidden truths about her family, and decides to go to America in search of answers. No spoilers...thoughtful, poignant, tender, this is a marvelous opportunity for you to indulge yourself with a gentle but very tough book. It's a 5.