LOW PRESSURE, by Sandra Brown

Contemporary romance/mystery by one of the greats of the genre, this complicated Texas-based tale has its share of Stetsons and cowboy boots, but also a troubled, high-flying hero and a gawky little girl turned adult femme fatale. When Bellamy Lyston decides to write, as fiction, what happened to her sister Susan during a long-ago Memorial Day family/company picnic, she brings to life more than her faltering memories. Once suspected of the murder of his then-girlfriend Susan Lyston, Denton Carter has painful memories of police interrogations and publicity that, years later, ultimately cost him his job. Can Dent hold a grudge? Well, he tries to. What neither of them know is that a host of others don't want this trip down memory lane to continue. Do I hint at more? Burlaries? Bent cops? Grandstanding DA's? Parental problems? A good weekend read, it's a 4. Sex: the usual vanilla, but nicely done, a 2.5.