GETTING RID OF BRADLEY, by Jennifer Crusie

Contemporary romance at it's most entertaining, Crusie's dialogue is world-class, and her character are almost always one-of-a-kind finely drawn. Crusie got her PhD in women's studies (today she teaches English at Ohio State University), took to romance writing, and we're all richer for her decision. Turn the page for more...
Never has round-the-clock police protection been more hazardous than when wild man cop Zack Walters decides somebody's out to kill Lucy Savage. But is it Lucy's new ex-husband or is it an embezzler that Zack's searching for? Who's trying to get into Lucy's beloved home (it wasn't Bradley she loved, it was the house, she's decided) where three inept, lovable guard dogs rule the roost? Where is the million plus in stolen bonds? Is Lucy's Bradley wrapped a bit loose? Read it and laugh. It's a 4. As usual with this author, sex is 3 on my 1 - 5 scale: just enough but not too, too much.