WHAT'S SO FUNNY, by Donald E. Westlake

Yet another Dortmunder caper to laugh yourself silly over. This time the morose burglar has been blackmailed into swiping a long-hidden Imperial Russian chess set. Problem is, it's in the sub-sub basement of a bank. As always, Dortmunder is resourceful (although never cheerful). Westlake's cast of characters is always Oscar-worthy, and this time includes cameos from two on-the-lam teenagers, an aging heiress, and too many security guards. It's a 4. Sadly, we will get no more books from this funny guy, he passed away in 2008. But, there's about a hundred novels waiting for you to discover, all of them still funny, still topical, and still dealing with the deep and imponderable verities of life...and laughter.