Devotees of Crusie often say this is their favorite book. I must confess I'd have a tough time singling any one of these hilarious tales as my favorite; I like them all. Sophie Dempsey and her film-making sister Amy come to the town of Temptation, Ohio (Phineas Tucker, Mayor) to do a promotion video for the town's most famous native, has-been movie star Clea Whipple. Still head-turning gorgeous, Clea has the same effect on the hometown boys as she did years before. The boys, sadly, have not aged well. Enter the mayor, and the city council led by a grandstanding mayor-wannabe, which decides, over Phin's objections, to pass an anti-porn law designed to thwart Sophie and Amy's filming. But they're not shooting porn...or are they? As the disagreements escalate, so does the attraction between Sophie and the pool-playing, book-loving mayor. Read Welcome to Temptation and laugh yourself silly. It's a 4.5. As always with Crusie's novels, there's a delicious amount on agreeable vanilla sex: it's max a 3 on the scale.