TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS, by Christina Dodd

When her fiance dumps attorney Brandi Michaels only days after she'd moved to Chicago to be near him, she takes her engagement ring to a pawn shop and then goes on a shopping spree. But the spree is only the beginning of her revenge: she's going to go out and find herself the hottest one-night stand in the Windy City. From CFM shoes to fresh manicure to wildly sexy underwear making her momentous bosom ever more noteworthy, Brandi attends her mentor's cocktail party and...there he is. Count Roberto Bartolini. Let your imagination run riot, and you'll have him in your mind's eye: hotter than a volcano. If there's one thing Brandi believes, it's that revenge ought to be hot, hot, hot. But, the morning after, she discovers to her horror that the Count is not at all what he seems. Sure, he still makes her head swim with desire, but what's with the court date for jewel theft? A fun, feisty heroine, a hero for the ages, a good plot with lots of thuggy types, and lots of humor from this Rita-winning author. To say nothing of the great sex. It's a 4 (sex is also 4).