THE PINK CARNATION, by Lauren Willig

Series. A recent computer disaster, completely of my own making, wiped out nearly a dozen reviews of this delightful historic romance/spy series, set in Napoleonic England and France. Rather than try to replicate them - great reads though they are, I am not one to re-visit a book - I will merely give you an overview, along with the advice to read these books. The first one in the series is The Pink Carnation, all that follow have a color and a flower. It's a bit labored after a while, but the quality of the books stays high. Turn the page for more...
In all, if you read them one after the other, it'll give you a month or more of scrumptious fun. Plus, a little better knowledge of the era that shaped, in many ways, modern Europe, particularly la belle France. (Parts of the United States still use portions of the Napoleonic Code as law.) Willig has done her homework (and a lot of it, too, as she was going to law school while writing me how she managed all of it, but let's give her an atta-girl). The plots are convoluted, the characters well drawn, the action believable, and the love stories at time totally hilarious. I give these a 5, and I bet you will, too. No explcit sex, by the way. While you could read them out of order, why would you?