ONE FALSE MOVE, by Harlan Coben

5/series. This is one of the best-plotted books I've read this year, a tense and in places very funny page-turner. Featuring Myron Bolitar, sports agent, stand-up guy, good son, mensch and a man you'd seek out as a friend. But Myron's got problems, not least of which is his let's-keep-it-light girlfriend. Then there's FJ who wants to kill him, a sexy basketball player who wants to jump his bones, an old friend who's vanished, a sincere politician (yeah, right) just keeps getting more and more tense as the tale barrels to a really outstanding, unexpected finish. Read the whole series in order, beginning with Deal Breaker, if you can. Like the Jack Reacher tales, out of order isn't so good (but I like Mryon a helluva lot more than Jack). A 4.5